GHS Label Elements

GHS Label Elements.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) contains six labelling elements.

These elements are:

1.     Signal Word: The signal word that is used on a GHS Label indicates the hazard level. The word “Danger” is used to alert more severe hazards, while “Warning” is less severe.

 2.    GHS Symbols or Hazard Pictograms: The GHS Symbols and or Pictograms are used to provide a visual representation of the hazards of chemical products.

 3.       Precautionary Statements/First Aid: These are the statements and phrases that are related to each hazard statement. The Precautionary Statements/First Aid help describe the prevention, response, storage, and disposal measures that should be taken on the GHS Label. These statements can also be found on the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS). 

4.   Manufacturer Information: This identifies the manufacturers name, address and contact number on the GHS label.

5.       Hazard Statements: These are the phrases that appear on the GHS Label to describe the nature and degree of the hazards posed by a chemical product

6.     Product Name and Identifiers: Simply identifies the product or chemical name on the GHS Label.

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