GHS Label Elements

GHS Label Elements.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, GHS, contains six labelling elements.

These elements are:

1.       Signal Word: The signal word that is used on a GHS Label indicates the hazard level. The word “Danger” is often used in more severe instances, while “Warning” is less severe.

 2.       GHS Symbols and Hazard Pictograms: The GHS Symbols and or Pictograms are used to help identify hazardous products.

3.       Manufacturer Information: This identifies the manufacturers name, address and contact number on the GHS label.

4.       Precautionary Statements/First Aid: These are the statements and phrases that are tied to each hazard statement. The Precautionary Statements/First Aid help describe the disposal and response, precautions on the GHS Label. These statements would also be found on the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

5.       Hazard Statements: These are the phrases used on the GHS Label that describe the nature of the hazardous product and the degree of the hazard.

6.Product Name and Identifiers: Simply identifies the product or chemical name on the GHS Label.

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