SDS Consulting

SDS consulting services facilitate a smooth transition into the use of GHS. These services provide solutions that make efficient the MSDS-to-SDS conversion process. A broad range of SDS consulting services are available, including the creation of GHS compliant SDSs, updates to SDSs in the GHS specified time-frame upon new acquisition of significant information, as well as generation of hazardous product labels using information from SDSs and other resources. The SDS creation process is extensive in its procedures, requiring that great consideration to be given to: country specific exemptions and requirements, the treatment of trade-secrets, and the accurate use of complex hazard classification formulas.

Additionally, an extensive amount of knowledge, tools, and precision is needed to meticulously create, format, and revise SDSs that comply with the various chemical regulations worldwide. SDS consulting is ultimately the most cost-effective means of regulating hazard communication documents. Access to 3rd party software containing GHS algorithms, extensive health and safety databases, and a team of experts holding bachelors or masters level degrees in related fields ensure that compliant SDSs and labels are produced the first time around.

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Nexreg’s dynamic staff has been a welcoming partnership in helping us keep abreast of all regulatory changes for both our Canadian and European operations, including local translation to meet the demand of our world markets. We really appreciate their product knowledge, solid customer service and attentiveness to our ever changing business needs.
Ken. L. Watt, Kleen-flo Tumbler Industries Ltd.