SDS database

SDS databases are safety data sheet reservoirs collected from various manufacturers, suppliers, 3rd party companies, and government organizations. Many types of SDS databases are currently implemented, existing in both digital and/or hard-copy forms; the former enabling easy access to safety data sheets at the convenience of a desktop, the latter providing the information as a comprehensive, hard-copy version.

SDS databases, in conjunction with other useful databases, exist to provide users with extensive lists of the names and properties of all known chemicals, to provide updated health and safety information, and to provide a vast collection of experimental results from any related test studies. The increasing utilization of SDS databases can be attributed to their overall effectiveness in function:

1.      Databases act as facilitative repositories of retrievable information that can easily be accessed during the production of labels and safety data sheets.

 2.      Digital databases contain electronic versions of SDSs for any hazardous products present in the workplace, sometimes in lieu of paper versions.

 3.   Workplaces utilizing this electronic alternative must ensure that workers have access to compatible devices containing the e-versions of SDS databases and that workers are effectively trained in their use.

Exclusive 3rd party databases provide Nexreg with the leading edge in chemical and regulatory consultation. Access to both government and non-government databases from a variety of different countries guarantees that all documents translated by Nexreg will have up-to-date and accurate information for full compliancy in the specified jurisdictions.

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Non-Slip Safety Solutions Inc would like to thank Nexreg for guiding us through the process of getting a CCCR Review on our product packaging, bottles and labels. We cannot thank you enough for working with us regarding our time frame. Due to this we were able to obtain the approval necessary to move forward with our products and they are now on the shelves of over 1,000 retail stores across Canada.
Dan George, Non-Slip Safety Solutions