Industries Served

At Nexreg Compliance we provide regulatory services in a variety of different industries. These consulting services range from basic product compliance documentation (Safety Data sheets, product labels, registrations) to assistance with research and development. Please review the list below for examples of the industries we currently serve, and the types of products we work with. 


Aerospace and Military

  • Repair, maintenance and overhauling products: paints, coatings, advanced materials, fuel, lubricants, cleaners for military and business aircraft, vehicles, ships and related systems.


  • Commercial aftermarket products: fuel additives, paints, air fresheners, cleansers, sealants, polishes wax etc.


  • Agricultural chemical products: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides etc.


  • Building supply products: aggregates, asphalt, concrete mixes, cement, waterproofing compounds, grouts, mortars, adhesives, surface treatments etc.


  • Products that are invovled with Producing & Supplying Engery: fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution.

Oil and Gas  

  • Petroleum Products for processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and storage.

Retail/consumer products

  • Retail and Consumer Products for outdoor, camping, hunting, fishing, cosmetic, cleaning & household such as: gun oil, gun care, fishing bait, scents, household cleaners, make-up, shampoo etc.

    Food and Beverage

    • Raw Food Materials and Packaging: food coloring, additives, packaging.


    The above list is not exhaustive. Our specialty is in chemical products, but we may be able to assist with other product regulatory concerns as well. For more information or assistance please contact us today.



        International Lubricants, Inc. has been very pleased with the international regulatory compliance services that Nexreg Compliance Inc. provides to us. These services range from the generation of OSHA/WHMIS MSDS to CCCR compliance label reviews. We can rely upon the accuracy of their information and their attention to detail. In addition, their project turnaround times are excellent.
        Wayne Everett, Ph.D., International Lubricants, Inc.