China SDS Authoring and MSDS Authoring

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National Regulations Governing SDSs/MSDSs: 

The National Standards of China’s chemical regulation for SDS creation fall under GB T 16483-2008 (Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Products Content and Order of Sections). The GB T 16483-2008 entered into force February 1, 2009, replacing prior standards GB/T 17519.1-1998 and GB 16483-2000.

Additional Regulations: 

China is currently implementing the GHS system within their legislation. China has recently updated and clarified regulations regarding the use of emergency telephone numbers on a Chinese SDS. A Chinese domestic fixed-line telephone number is now required to be used as the emergency telephone number on an SDS. This update has been confirmed with the National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC) office which is governed under the China State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) division.

Other national standards that govern chemical regulation are:

  • General Rules for Preparation of Precautionary Labels for Chemicals (GB 15258-2009)
  • General Rule for Classification and Hazard Communication of Chemicals (GB13690)
GHS Implementation Status: 

China MSDS or SDS Authoring China has adopted the UN GHS system, and it has been implemented. However, there are some differences in methodology and categories in the preparation of SDS’s and labels. It is also reported that there are very strict requirements on the approach used for testing chemicals and mixtures for human and animal health effects.

Multi-Jurisdiction SDS/MSDS Options: 

Chinese SDS’s can be made to be compliant within the Hong-Kong region. Having a single document for use in other jurisdictions should be avoided due to significant differences between systems.


Tectran used Nexreg for preparation of our MSDS and label for new Pendilube product launch. We found Mike Moffatt to be very helpful and thorough. We knew of most of the regulations that we were required to meet but with his help and document preparation we were able to have the confidence that we were covering all the required regulations that impacted our product.
Glen Hogg, Tectran Co