Russia SDS Translation and MSDS Translation

Primary Languages: 
National Regulations Governing SDSs/MSDSs: 

GHS for industrial chemicals has been adopted in Russia on a voluntary basis. Russian Federation Decree 1019 on Technical Regulation for Chemical Product Safety enters into force 1 July 2021.

GHS SDSs and labels are optional for substances and mixtures until 1 July 2021 when they become mandatory.



Additional Regulations: 

Workplace SDSs and labels should follow the following regulations:

GOST 30333-2007 Chemical product safety passport. General requirements. This regulation outlines the requirements for Russian SDSs.

GOST 31340-2013 Labelling of chemicals. General requirements.



Old classification standard (classifies health effects only):

GOST 12.1.007 – 76 Occupational safety standards system. Noxious substances. Classification and general safety requirements.


GHS UN Rev. 4 was adopted by the following standards:

GOS 32419-2013 Classification of chemicals. General requirements.

GOST 32423-2013 Mixture classification of hazard for health

GOST 32424-2013 Classification for environmental hazards. General principles.

GOST 32425-2013 Mixture classification of hazard for environment


Guidance documents:

R 50.1.102-2014 Guidance on compilation and execution of safety data sheet of chemical product

R 50.1.101-2014 Guidance on the selection of precautionary statements in accordance GOST 31340s

Classification is based on GHS rev. 4 with some unique requirements.


    GHS Implementation Status: 

    Russia SDS or MSDS Authoring GHS partially implemented. Slow progress towards full implementation for July 1st 2021.

    Multi-Jurisdiction SDS/MSDS Options: 



    I am very satisfied with the work provided by Nexreg. The work has been through, timely and reasonable. Additionally, both Mike Harvey and Nazifa Beganovic are very knowledgeable. Mike and Nazifa's efforts have been an essential part of getting our MSDS program on track and positioned for the Global Harmonized System.
    Jack Cover, Bonsal American, Inc.