Amendments to CEPA

Posted Date: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Canadian Environment Protection Act, 1999 (Cepa), is heading towards an amendment. Canada’s Environment Department has recently proposed to amend nine regulations to help improve both the consistency and clarity of the regulations.

The proposal aims to also help improve the new substances notification regulations and improve the consistency between both English and French versions.

Four examples of regulations that the Canadian Environment Department wishes to amend are:

1.       Benzene in gasoline regulations

-          Update the reference standards and test methods used. This will allow for electronic reporting and help to change the deadline of submission for compliance plans.

2.       Solvent degreasing regulations

-          Helps to align the English and French versions of a particular rule.

3.       Tetrachloroethylene regulations

-          Clarifies that all wastewater must be treated on-site, or transported to a waste management facility.

4.       Contaminated fuel regulations

-          Makes changes to the record keeping requirement to include the purpose of each imported contaminated fuel.

The Canadian Environment Department expects the impacts of the amendments to be minimal.      

For more information, please visit the Canada Gazette. Please contact Nexreg for all your chemical product MSDS/SDS Authoring and Consumer/Industrial Label Reviews.



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