Canada's Acetic Anhydride Update

Posted Date: 
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Canada SDS Authoring

A screening assessment for the substance acetic acid, anhydride (acetic anhydride) was called by the Canadian Government, to evaluate the potential harm the substance poses to the environment and Canadians.

Acetic Anhydride is an industrial chemical and does not occur naturally within the environment. Specifically in Canada, the substance is used during the preparation of other chemicals as a plasticizer in a commercial building or construction materials.

Canadians are not expected to be exposed to the substance within the environment because the substance breaks down quickly with water.

The OECD’s Cooperative Chemicals Assessment Programme developed a screening test for the substance and the Government concluded that the chemical is not entering the environment in levels that are harmful to both the environment and human health. It is advised that Canadians still follow any safety warnings and directions for consumer products that may contain the substance.

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