Dec. 26 - Canada: New and Revised Natural Health Product Monographs

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The NHPD Monthly Communiqué - Vol. 3, Issue 4 - December 2007 is out and contains (among other things) new NHP monographs:

Recognizing the important role monographs can play both in facilitating the review and processing of product licence applications and as reliable sources of product information for consumers, the NHPD is committed to developing new monographs as well as revising and updating existing monographs to reflect new research and evidence.

Revised Single Ingredient Monographs

  • Revised Beta-Carotene Monograph
  • Revised Calcium Monograph
  • Revised Copper Monograph
  • Revised Chromium Monograph
  • Revised Folate Monograph
  • Revised Iodine Monograph
  • Revised Iron Monograph
  • Revised Green Tea Monograph
  • Revised Magnesium Monograph
  • Revised Niacin Monograph
  • Revised Vitamin A Monograph
  • Revised Vitamin B6 Monograph
  • Revised Vitamin B12 Monograph
  • Revised Zinc Monograph
  • Revised Product Monographs

    Revised Product Monograph for Antiperspirants

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    Nexreg Compliance has been a crucial source for us and a valued collaborator in our development process. We know we can depend on their expert analysis and having that high level of certainty is a huge advantage.
    Mike Connelly, La-Tee-Da! Fragrance for the Home