Health Canada bans Asbestos-containing Products

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Asbestos-containing products will be banned by 2018, according to Health Canada. New regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency (Cepa) outlaw the use, manufacture, import and export of products that contain the substance.

Health Canada also plans to:

-          Prepare new regulations, which will be published in December of 2017. Until then, the agency has issued a notice to gather information about the current use of asbestos in manufacturing.

-          They will also expand a list of asbestos-containing buildings which are owned or leased by the Government of Canada.

To prepare for the new regulations, Health Canada is producing an updated federal workplace health and safety rules that will limit the risk of coming in contact with asbestos in the workplace.

For more information, please visit Canada Gazette. Please contact Nexreg, for Health Canada Compliance information. 


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Sam Cloete, Kannar Earth Science