New improved version of R4BP 3 now available

Posted Date: 
Thursday, December 4, 2014

This news update discussing the new improved version of R4BP 3 is brought to you by ECHA.

New improved version of R4BP 3 now available.

R4BP 3.2  is a major upgrade of the biocides central hub that significantly enhances its usability and productivity with 27 new features.

The newly released version of R4BP 3, the central hub through which all biocides applications are made, provides significant additions and improvements:

  • Harmonised and simplified submission of applications with less workarounds and less supporting documents;
  • Email notification of important business events for applicants;
  • Possibility to delegate assets or nominate someone (e.g. a consultant) to work on your behalf;
  • Consolidated mutual recognitions renewal (implementation of Regulation (EU) No 492/2014*);
  • Printing of case details;
  • Export of asset, case and task lists.

Furthermore, for the authorisation of biocidal products the new release integrates data present in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC). This will require companies and competent authorities to use the new SPC format supported by the SPC editor which was released by ECHA on 28 October 2014.

For more information regarding the new improved version of R4BP 3, please visit the ECHA link above. Please contact Nexreg for GHS Compliance services. 


I am very satisfied with the work provided by Nexreg. The work has been through, timely and reasonable. Additionally, both Mike Harvey and Nazifa Beganovic are very knowledgeable. Mike and Nazifa's efforts have been an essential part of getting our MSDS program on track and positioned for the Global Harmonized System.
Jack Cover, Bonsal American, Inc.