New Zealand's EPA

Posted Date: 
Monday, October 24, 2016

New Zealand SDS

New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), began a public consultation on three consultation papers regarding changes to the rules in the Hazardous Substances, on September 19, 2016.

The public consultation papers address:

  •  Changes to the labelling, SDSs, classification and packaging of hazardous substances are managed, by updating the proposals.
  • Information that is required on the application forms for hazardous substances. The updated forms and information notice will replace many regulations in the Hazard Substances Forms and Information Regulations 2001.
  • The Import Certificates for Explosives would be shifted from the Hazardous Substances (tracking) Regulations 2001 to the Importers and Manufacturers Information Notice 2015.

The aim of the changes is to help improve both health and workplace safety.

For more information, please visit The National Law Review. To inquire about New Zealand SDS, please contact Nexreg.



Tectran used Nexreg for preparation of our MSDS and label for new Pendilube product launch. We found Mike Moffatt to be very helpful and thorough. We knew of most of the regulations that we were required to meet but with his help and document preparation we were able to have the confidence that we were covering all the required regulations that impacted our product.
Glen Hogg, Tectran Co