Nov. 11 Korea: Cruelty Free Applauds Korean FDA's Review on Non-animal Cosmetics Testing Options

Posted Date: 
Monday, November 11, 2013

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Following meetings with Cruelty Free International, pressure is building in Korea for a change in policy to require non-animal testing for cosmetics - as already implemented by leading Korean cosmetics firm Amore Pacific and the LG Beyond product line. In the latest development, the Korean Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reviewing its position on animal testing on request from Korean Assembly Member Moon Jeong-Lim.

The current Government audit comments: "The effectiveness of animal testing to confirm toxic or irritating products and cosmetic ingredients is not very high and there is a tendency to prohibit animal testing on cosmetics in the global market."

Dr Nick Palmer has attended a series of meetings in Korea, including with the FDA, the Korean Cosmetics industry Association a half-day conference arranged with its partners (the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) for interested Assembly members, the Korean Cosmetics industry Association and representatives of individual companies and the FDA as well as a further meeting with a range of interested consumer groups brought together by KAWA.

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