Nov. 28 EU: Six month moratorium before the second REACH registration deadline to start

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This press release is brought to you by the ECHA regarding REACH registration.

ECHA has placed a six-month moratorium on Guidance and IT-tool updates starting on 1 December 2012 and ending on 31 May 2013. There will be additional support available for industry in the coming months.

The deadline for industry to register all substances manufactured in or imported into the EU at amounts of 100 - 1000 tonnes a year is 31 May 2013. With a new version of REACH-IT being installed later this week, ECHA will have fulfilled its commitment to stabilise the guidance, IT tools, manuals and Q&As for registrants preparing for the upcoming deadline. These instructions and tools can all be found on ECHA's website. Industry should not expect further changes unless these would be agreed by the Directors' Contact Group.

Closer to the deadline, ECHA will announce its last-minute direct support service to member registrants. Before that, registrants will be invited to the next Stakeholders' Day taking place on 26 March 2013 in Helsinki with the opportunity for one-to-one sessions and hands-on training.

For more information on this please refer to the link above.


Tectran used Nexreg for preparation of our MSDS and label for new Pendilube product launch. We found Mike Moffatt to be very helpful and thorough. We knew of most of the regulations that we were required to meet but with his help and document preparation we were able to have the confidence that we were covering all the required regulations that impacted our product.
Glen Hogg, Tectran Co