Nov. 7 - VOC emissions in South Africa

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In Initiatives in place, but still a way to go to combat SA’s VOC emissions, Guy Copans discusses VOC emissions in South Africa:

South Africa is currently significantly behind First World countries, such as the US, Australia, the UK and the European Union (EU), in controlling and abating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from industries, and there is currently no emission legislation for benzene and VOC point sources, says process industry services and solutions company Ilitha process engineer Karen Rowe.

However, the South African government is actively setting guidelines and targets for achieving cleaner air in the country within stringent timeframes, she says. The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism has embarked on a project aimed at setting maximum allowable emissions for industry, which is due for publication early in 2008.

We will be watching this one, as it could impact consumer and industrial chemicals.


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