Sweden's BPA Update

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, September 6, 2017


A recent investigation by the Swedish Chemicals Agency has found that 37 of 39 bisphenols that were surveyed on the European market could have potential endocrine disrupting properties.

 The European Commission adopted a restriction on Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, in thermal paper and the substance was added to the candidate list because of its toxic reproductive properties.

 Kemi, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, has started using a new screening method that groups substances based on their chemical structure, after using this new method the Agency has identified over 200 substances that have a similar chemical structure to that of BPA.

 The screening method found that the following six substances have properties that should be the focus of regulatory action because they could have potential risks.

  • - benzophenone-2;
  • bisphenol S;
  • bisphenol F;
  • 2,2-bis(4´-hydroxyphenyl)-4-methylpentane; and
  • bisphenol A.

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