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WHMIS - Controlled Products Regulations: WHMIS Identical Product Identifiers (Section 28)

The legal text of the regulations in section 28 follows below:

CPR: Section 28: Identical Product Identifiers

The product identifier that is disclosed on the label of a controlled product or container in which a controlled product is packaged shall be identical to the product identifier that is disclosed on the material safety data sheet for the controlled product.

WHMIS MSDS Reference Manual - Section 28

Health Canada's WHMIS MSDS reference manual for section 28 is available at: WHMIS Requirements of the HPA and CPR, CPR Section 28. One of the important points they note is as follows:

"This section has been included to ensure that workers seeking more information for a particular controlled product at the work site will be able to locate the relevant MSDS."

"In the case of a generic MSDS (see section 7 of the CPR), more than one product identifier may be disclosed on the MSDS as long as at least one of the names listed is the same as the product identifier on the label of the product."

"The CPR specifies no analogous requirement for the “supplier identifier” to be disclosed on the MSDS and label in respect of a controlled product."

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