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WHMIS - Controlled Products Regulations: Exemption (Section 32)

The legal text of the regulations in section 32 follows below:

CPR: Section 32: Interpretation

In this Part,

"ACGIH" means the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists; ( ACGIH )

"acute lethality" means death of animals immediately or within 14 days after a single administration of or exposure to a toxic substance; ( létalité aiguë )

"aerosol container" means a disposable container designed to release pressurized contents by means of a manually operated valve which forms an integral part of the container; ( contenant aérosol )

"ASTM" means the American Society for Testing and Materials; ( ASTM )

"chronic toxic effect" means an adverse effect to the health of a person or test animal that develops

  • (a) over time, following a single exposure to a toxic substance, or

  • (b) from prolonged or repeated exposure to a toxic substance under conditions that do not produce that effect from a single exposure; ( toxicité chronique )

"dust" means solid airborne particles that are mechanically generated; ( poussières )

"flame projection" means the ignited discharge of the pressurized contents of an aerosol container; ( projection de la flamme )

"flashback" means that part of a flame projection that extends from its point of ignition back to the aerosol container; ( retour de la flamme )

"flash point" means the minimum temperature at which a liquid gives off vapour in sufficient concentration to ignite in test circumstances; ( point d’éclair )

"fume" means solid particles in the air that are generated by condensation from the vapour of a solid material; ( fumée )

"IARC" means the International Agency for Research on Cancer; ( CIRC )

"mist" means liquid droplets suspended in the air that are produced by the dispersion of a liquid or by the condensation of a vapourized liquid; ( brouillard )

"NACE" means the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (U.S.A.); ( NACE )

"normal atmospheric pressure" means an absolute pressure of 101.325 kilopascals (1.00 atmosphere) at 20°C (68°F); ( pression atmosphérique normale )

"OECD" means the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development; ( OCDE )

"OECD Test Guideline" means a test published in the OECD Standard entitled OECD Guidelines for Testing of Chemicals; ( ligne directrice de l’OCDE )

"respiratory tract sensitization" means the development in a non-atopic person of severe asthma-like symptoms on exposure to a substance to which the person has previously been exposed; ( sensibilisation des voies respiratoires )

"skin sensitization" means an immunologically-mediated, cutaneous reaction in a non-atopic person or animal on exposure to a substance to which the person or animal has previously been exposed; ( sensibilisation de la peau )

"statistically significant" means shown by statistical procedures to have a high probability of being due to something other than chance; ( statistiquement significative )

"vapour" means the gaseous form of a substance that is found in a solid or liquid state at normal atmospheric pressure. ( vapeur ) SOR/97-543, s. 19(E); SOR/2001-254, s. 9.

WHMIS MSDS Reference Manual - Section 32

Health Canada's WHMIS MSDS reference manual for section 32 is available at: WHMIS Requirements of the HPA and CPR, CPR Section 32. One of the important points they note is as follows:

"Part IV of the Controlled Products Regulations lists the scientific criteria which define controlled products; (see sections 34 to 66)."

"Definitions for terms used throughout the CPR are found in section 2. Definitions related to classification under WHMIS and, hence, used only in Part IV of the CPR, are found in section 32."

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