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WHMIS - Controlled Products Regulations: Provision of Information (Sections 30 and 31)

The legal text of the regulations in sections 30 and 31 follows below:

CPR: Section 30, Subsection 1: Provision of Information

Any supplier who sells or imports a controlled product intended for use in a work place in Canada shall provide, as soon as is practicable in the circumstances, any information in respect of the controlled product that is referred to in paragraph 13(a) of the Act and is in the possession of the supplier to any physician or nurse who requests that information for the purpose of making a medical diagnosis of, or rendering medical treatment to, a person in an emergency.

CPR: Section 30, Subsection 2: Provision of Information

Any physician or nurse to whom information is provided by a supplier pursuant to subsection (1) shall keep confidential any information specified by the supplier as being confidential except for the purpose for which it was provided.

CPR: Section 31: Provision of Information

Subject to the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act, a supplier who sells or imports a controlled product intended for use in a work place in Canada shall identify as soon as is practicable in the circumstances, on the request of an inspector, any person to whom a controlled product is sold or any user of a controlled product, the source of information for any toxicological data used in the preparation of any material safety data sheet that has been transmitted by the supplier to any person pursuant to paragraph 13(a) of the Act or has been obtained or prepared by the supplier pursuant to paragraph 14(a) of the Act.

WHMIS MSDS Reference Manual - Sections 30 and 31

Health Canada's WHMIS MSDS reference manual for sections 30 and 31 is available at: WHMIS Requirements of the HPA and CPR, CPR Sections 30 and 31. One of the important points they note is as follows:

"This section ensures that all information that is required to be disclosed under the HPA and that is in a supplier's possession is provided to a physician or nurse in a medical emergency. If a supplier has filed a claim or has an exemption under the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act, he/she must still provide that information in an emergency."

"If the physician or nurse receives this information in confidence by the supplier, they must maintain the confidentiality of the information. If they betray that confidence, they will, if convicted, be subject to the penalties listed in subsection 8(1) of the HPA. (For the purposes of these Regulations, the term "nurse" is defined in subsection 2(1) of the CPR.)"

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