Does posting an MSDS on the Internet satisfy transmission requirements?

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Q. Does posting an MSDS on the Internet satisfy requirements to 'transmit' an MSDS under WHMIS?

A. As section 13 of the HPA requires a positive action by the transmitter to convey the transmitted document to the recipient, making a MSDS available on the Internet without ensuring that the purchaser is able to access this information does not absolve a supplier of the legal requirement to "transmit" a MSDS as a condition of sale. The use of the Internet to transmit an MSDS would be acceptable if the supplier is able to demonstrate the following:

  • The purchaser has downloaded the complete and correct MSDS, i.e., one that contains all of the required information
  • The downloading is done at the time of the sale of the controlled product
  • The downloaded file is readable

Satisfaction, on the part of the supplier, may be provided through written confirmation, provided to the supplier from the purchaser, specifying that the above conditions have been met.

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