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WHMIS - Controlled Products Regulations: Class C - Oxidizing Material (Section 42)

The legal text of the regulations in section 42 follows below:

CPR: Section 42: Class C - Oxidizing Material

Any product, material or substance shall be included in Class C — Oxidizing Material listed in Schedule II to the Act if

  • (a) it causes or contributes to the combustion of another material by yielding oxygen or any other oxidizing substance, whether or not the product, material or substance is itself combustible; or

  • (b) it is an organic peroxide that contains the bivalent 0-0 structure.

WHMIS MSDS Reference Manual - Section 42

Health Canada's WHMIS MSDS reference manual for section 42 is available at: WHMIS Requirements of the HPA and CPR, CPR Section 42. One of the important points they note is as follows:

"Elements and other chemicals may be regarded as "oxidizing" or "reducing" agents based on their reduction potential (E 0 values) relative to the potential of the Standard Hydrogen Electrode. A chemical agent can bring about oxidation by two principal mechanisms. The chemical agent may (i) provide oxygen or another oxidizing agent to the substance undergoing oxidation or (ii) the chemical agent may receive electrons which are transferred by the substance undergoing oxidation. The WHMIS criteria address the first mechanism only. Therefore, for example, although fluorine and chlorine gas are generally regarded as strong oxidizing agents in terms of electron-transfer (with reduction potentials of 2.87 and 1.35, respectively), as neither yield oxygen nor any other oxidizing substance, they are not included in WHMIS Class C."

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