When must a supplier revise an MSDS under WHMIS?

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Q. When must a supplier revise an MSDS under WHMIS?

A. As specified in section 29 of the CPR, where new information becomes available for a controlled product or an ingredient in that product, the supplier must revise the MSDS and the date thereof. Such revisions must be made prior to sales of the product subsequent to the new information becoming available. A supplier is not obliged to send a revised MSDS to a previous customer in the absence of a subsequent sale to that customer.

Suppliers are prohibited from supplying MSDSs that have a MSDS preparation date exceeding three years (3 X 365 days) prior to the sale or importation of a controlled product. Thus, if a supplier has not changed any information on his/her MSDS for three years, he/she must review that information to ensure that it is still accurate and that there is no new available and applicable information that should be disclosed. Whether or not there is new information, the MSDS must be revised so that the date of preparation reflects the date the information was reviewed.

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