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Apr. 13 – EU REACH: EU chemicals registration jams as deadline extends

From Hurriyet Daily News:

The European Chemicals Agency, or ECHA, has received some 15 times more pre-registrations for chemicals than it initially expected, the agency’s representatives said last week.

EU chemicals registration jams as deadline extends The pre-registrations are part of a process that regulates substances manufactured in or imported to the EU. The regulation applies to products brought into or made in the EU in annual quantities of 1 ton or more per company. The first of the staggered deadlines for registration is Dec. 1, 2010, but companies who pre-register their substances can benefit from extended registration deadlines, which depend on the tonnage band and the hazardous properties of the substance.

Matti Vainio of the ECHA noted the agency’s IT system was designed for approximately 200,000 pre-registrations, but between June and December 2008, the agency received some 2.75 million pre-registrations.

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