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Apr. 14 – US: Household Products Start to Come Clean on Ingredients

From the Wall Street Journal:

A few manufacturers of household cleaning products have begun disclosing the chemicals in some of their products. S.C. Johnson and Son Inc. last month rolled out Web site to describe most of the ingredients for its Windex, Glade, and Shout brands. Clorox Co. lists ingredients for its Formula 409 and other products at…

These efforts are receiving a boost from industry trade groups that recently set up joint guidelines to encourage use of a standardized format for presenting the technical information. “Consumers want to know more to ensure the safety of their family,” says a Procter and Gamble spokesman. “The industry is changing along with that.”…

Federal law generally doesn’t require manufacturers to disclose which chemicals are used in household cleaning products, though companies must include on labels any emergency warnings and instructions for first aid. For institutional cleaning products, companies are required to disclose certain chemicals that may be hazardous because professional cleaners are generally exposed to greater volumes of chemicals than the average household user. That information is contained in “material safety data sheets” posted on corporate Web sites.

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