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Apr. 24 – US: Largest Settlement Under EPA’s Audit Policy


EPA has announced a settlement with a multinational manufacturer of polymer-based fibers to pay a $1.7 million civil penalty and spend up to an estimated $500 million to correct self-reported environmental violations discovered at facilities in seven states. This is the largest settlement under EPA’s audit policy, which was launched in 1995. The company disclosed more than 680 violations of water, air, hazardous waste, emergency planning and preparedness, and pesticide regulations to EPA after auditing 12 facilities it acquired in 2004…

EPA’s experience with this particular company guided the development of a national interim audit policy for new owners–announced in August 2008–designed to encourage other new owners to make a “clean start” at their recently acquired facilities…

EPA’s audit policy provides incentives to companies that voluntarily discover, promptly disclose, and expeditiously correct environmental violations. The companies must also take steps to prevent future violations. EPA may reduce or waive penalties for certain violations if the facility meets the conditions of the policy. Consistent with the audit policy, EPA waived a large portion of the penalty in this case…

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