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Apr. 7 – Bill will protect ‘Cajun’ name (Food labels)

A bill making its way through the Louisiana legislature may prevent some companies from using the term ‘Cajun’ on their food labels:

South Louisiana lawmakers won two “dear to the heart” victories in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.Bills protecting the name “Cajun” from “misuse” by out-of-state food producers and establishing a fee on crawfish imported into the state were approved and sent to the Senate for debate.


Rep. Karen St. Germaine, D-Pierre Part, said she is tired of seeing products on grocery store shelves claiming to be “Cajun” when they are produced in Utah, Alabama and states that have no connection with anything Cajun.

House Bill 1117 establishes “Cajun” as a “certification mark” owned by the state of Louisiana that can be used only on food products that at least have been finished in the state.

It will be interesting to see what the ramifications of this are. Will food producers be forced to change their labels if they wish to sell their products in the state of Louisiana?

Source: The Daily Advertiser


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