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Aug 15 – BPA and Prop 65?

Might Bisphenol A (BPA) be reviewed under California’s Prop 65? The L.A. Times suggests that this may happen:

A federal panel of scientists concluded Wednesday that an estrogen-like compound in plastic could be posing some risk to the brain development of babies and children.

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is found in low levels in virtually every human body. A component of polycarbonate plastic, it can leach from baby bottles and other hard plastic beverage containers, food can linings and other consumer products…

Their recommendations will go to the National Toxicology Program, the federal scientists who help regulators mold policy about toxic substances. Officials there will send their report out for review by other scientists before deciding whether to declare BPA toxic to humans. Bucher said he would also update it with the consensus statement and studies published last week.

The final report could trigger a review of BPA by California officials under Proposition 65, which requires warnings on consumer products that pose a risk of cancer or reproductive harm.

See the full article here: Some risk linked to plastic chemical.

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