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Aug. 6 China: The Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China is Now Available from CAS

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Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), the world’s authority for chemical information, announced today that the 2013 Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC) has been added to its database containing international regulatory information for chemical substances, CHEMLIST®. This information is available on STN®, the choice of patent experts, in SciFinder®, the choice for chemistry research, and will be available later in 2013 on the National Chemical Inventories® on CD. CHEMLIST is the most accurate source of substance and regulatory information with validated CAS Registry Numbers® and the world’s most extensive collection of chemical names, consisting of systematic, trade and common names.


The 2013 IECSC adds more than 42,000 registered substances and more than 3,200 confidential substances monitored and reported on in China.



For more information and the full article please refer to The Sacramento Bee link above.


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