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Aug. 6 – VIDEO: What Do I Need to Do to Sell a Cosmetic Product in Canada?

Earlier this month, Nexreg launched a free video series titled ‘Nexreg on Compliance’ which addresses hazard communication (HazCom) issues for jurisdictions such as Canada, the United States and the European Union.  The videos can be found on Nexreg’s YouTube channel at

Today, a new video has been released:

This video details the steps required in order to sell a consumer cosmetic, such as a lipstick or hair gel in Canada for the first time.

Nexreg plans on adding a new video every Friday.  The questions answered in the video series will come from viewer requests, so please send your questions to

To learn more about Nexreg Compliance please visit or call our toll-free line at (866)361-3032.

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