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Aug. 8 – EU: The Burden of REACH

The Guardian has a fairly standard article on the burden REACH is placing on companies. One interesting discussion is the number of pre-registrations that have been sent in:

Dancet’s agency has around 200 staff and aims to add an additional 50 before the year end to handle the flurry of enquiries and pre-registrations that will have to be submitted before 1 of December this year.

“There are enormous numbers of questions coming to our helpdesk … it has been a rather difficult issue to manage over the past year,” Dancet told Reuters in an interview.

Already some 40,000 pre-registrations have been submitted and Dancet expected some 150,000 to 200,000 before the year end.

“We will discuss with our network of national helpdesks how to tackle the continuing increase of questions — potentially it will only get worse,”

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