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Canada Considering a Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Bill S-214 has been introduced into Canada’s House of Commons to ban the sale and manufacture of cosmetics tested on animals. The Commons will only have until the federal elections to pass the Bill.

S-214 would amend Canada’s Food and Drug Act, banning the sale and manufacture of cosmetics tested on animals as well as ingredients tested on animals. The Bill also specifies that no evidence obtained from animal testing and conducted more than 4 years after the Bill takes effect may be used to establish if a product or ingredient is safe.

This ban will not apply to animal testing if the Minister of Health deems that there is no alternative method to evaluate specific human health problems associated with an ingredient or product and when that product is widely used and there is no alternative (that performs similarly) available.

If Bill S-214 is passed, Canada will join the European Union, India, South Korea and other countries in prohibiting cosmetic animal testing.

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