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Chemical Safety Law: Only 10 weeks left to pass chemical safety reform

This news update discussing chemical safety law is brought to you by Environmental Defense Fund.



When I first began working to help fix America’s broken chemical safety law, it was already decades old. Now it is approaching 40 – well past retirement age for a law that cannot ensure the safety of common chemicals.


An update seemed a remote possibility until last year, when senators introduced the first bipartisan, albeit flawed, reform bill. Unfortunately, 12 months later, Congressional inaction risks squandering that opening and the improvements to the bill made since it was first introduced.


The time for patience is over. Congress needs to finish the job and pass a strong chemical safety law in this Congress, lest the opportunity be lost for another decade or three.



For more information on chemical safety law, please visit the Environmental Defense Fund link above.  Please contact Nexreg for our Regulatory Services.

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