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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your prices?

A: Nexreg offers very competitive pricing for our services compared to our industry and will price-match our competitors. Each project’s cost will vary depending on the:

  1. Services provided
  2. Number of products/documents
  3. Product complexity
  4. Number of languages/countries
  5. Regulatory Support required
  6. Turnaround time

Q: Can I get a quote?
A: Absolutely! We’re happy to provide you with a free quote for your specific project. Please fill out the “contact us” form with as much detail as possible and we’ll reach out to you.

Q: I don’t know much about chemical product compliance or regulations; will it be difficult to use your services?
A: We understand and are here to help! Our team will guide you through the process and create compliant documentation for your products based on the product information that you provide us.

Q: Do you sell SDS Authoring software?
A: No, we are not a company that creates technical software. Your best assurance for compliance is with experts that study the ever-changing landscape of international product regulation as legislation changes over time.

Q: Do you work with companies that sell on Amazon?
A: We sure do! We recognize that Amazon and sites similar to Amazon allow chemical products to be sold internationally (thus making them require product documentation). We are happy to create the necessary documents to ensure that your products will ship!

Q: Do you offer on-going compliance management, document updating and maintenance?
A: Our consultants are happy to continually provide your product with the most up-to-date documentation based on the locations that your products are sold. Often legislation can change leaving your document outdated. We can see your compliance into the future, giving you peace of mind when distributing your product internationally.

Q: Can you look up an SDS for a specific chemical product in your database for my reference?
A: No, Nexreg is committed to our client’s confidential information and proper distribution of product information. We strictly do not share any of our client’s product details or documentation with outside sources.

Q: I’ve noticed that the company I work for isn’t compliant with national regulations for our chemical products/documents, can you enforce them?
A: No, we are not an enforcement agency, and we are not government affiliated. We are a private consulting agency that provides expert level documentation and compliance reviews for chemical products.

Q: My company provides SDS authoring services, laboratory tests and indexing, can we work together?
A: Nexreg is happy to partner with similar companies and expand our network of trusted vendors. Feel free to provide us details on how your company may be able to expand on or complement our services. We may contact you regarding partnership!

Q: I am a regulatory consultant who is currently seeking employment, how do I become part of the Nexreg team?
A: Nexreg is always looking for industry leading consultants with interest in international product regulations. We provide in-depth training to ensure that you’re empowered with the knowledge to guarantee compliance for our clients. Feel free to contact us, we may contact you regarding employment!