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Dec. 10 EU: First EU chemicals database shows 400 dangerous substances

From: AFP

More than 400 chemicals that cause cancer, mutations or reproductive problems are being used in the European Union, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) said in Helsinki on Wednesday…The ECHA unveiled what spokesman Mikko Vaananen described as “without exaggeration the most ambitious chemicals database project in the world,” containing a total of 4,300 substances.

Companies were required to register hazardous chemicals with the ECHA by the end of November if they used or imported more than one tonne per year, and any industrial chemical of which they used or imported more than 1,000 tonnes per year. Companies which failed to register certain types of substances by the deadline are no longer allowed to manufacture, import or use that substance as of Wednesday.

By the final deadline, on May 31, 2018, every industrial chemical, no matter how little of it is used, is supposed to be included in the catalogue.

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