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Dec. 12 EU: ECHA to start publishing comments during CLH public consultations

These press releases are brought to you by the ECHA regarding its efforts to be more transparent.

Starting with the next public consultation on 18 December 2012, ECHA will publish comments received during the public consultation on proposals for Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH) while it is ongoing. The Agency has done this to make the consultation process more transparent and efficient. From now on, interested parties will be able to read and respond to comments submitted within the 45-day public consultation. ECHA encourages parties concerned to submit comments early during the consultation period to allow sufficient time for the public to react and provide comments.

The substances in the 7 December 2012 public consultation were Carvone (and its individual stereoisomers), Dimethenamid-P, Lead and Metaldehyde.

Please refer to the link above for the full press release and more information.

ECHA starts publishing dossier evaluation decisions

Brought to you by the ECHA.

To improve the transparency of its decision making process, ECHA has decided to publish non-confidential versions of all dossier evaluation decisions originating from compliance checks and examination of testing proposals on the Agency’s website. From now on, these decisions will be available and in most cases with a link to the related aggregated registration information as contained in ECHA’s dissemination portal. ECHA will continue publishing available decisions on a regular basis.

It should be noted that the decisions will be published some time after their adoption, since before publishing, ECHA will contact the addressees of the decisions to get their feedback on the non-confidential version it intends to publish. ECHA notes that the published documents represent decisions with blanked out sections that have been claimed confidential by the registrant and were deemed to harm their commercial interest if disclosed. In addition, any personal data has been removed from the documents. The decisions are only available in their original language.

For more information please refer to the link above.

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