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Dec. 26 – Ernst and Young: Regulatory and Compliance Risk Greatest Strategic Challenge in 2008

Electronics News has a terrific article anyone in the electronics industry will want to read: ROHS: It ain’t over. It was this part that caught our eye, though:

Indeed, a recent Ernst and Young report [note: link goes to PDF] stated that regulatory and compliance risk was the greatest strategic challenge facing global businesses in 2008.

“This is being driven by an escalating regulatory burden in many markets, as well as numerous compliance challenges as companies extend their value chains well beyond Europe, North America, and the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China),” the online report states. “As companies become more and more global, compliance becomes a greater challenge, forcing them to manage diverse regulations in different markets. … The importance of understanding local regulations, as well as major global industry regulations is crucial to those companies expanding their global reach.”

For the full article click on the above link.

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