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Dec. 4 Canada: Health Canada Suspends License of Chemical Testing Laboratory For Providing Falsified Results

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This press release is brought to you by Health  Canada concerning the suspended license of a chemical testing facility. This may impact the compliance status of a number of products.

Health Canada has suspended the Establishment License of Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc. of Mississauga, Ont., after uncovering falsified testing results during the course of an inspection.

Health Canada is verifying the nature and use of testing done by Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc. with the company’s customers. Our survey of clients to date indicates that only a portion of the company’s work involved testing of final products before they entered the Canadian market.

However, as a precautionary step, companies that have had testing done by Chemi Pharmaceutical are being asked to temporarily halt sales of those products until their safety can be confirmed.

For more information and the full press release please refer to the link above.

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