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Denmark to sue EU Commission over delays on dangerous chemical legislation

This news update regarding Denmark to sue EU Commission is brought to you by The Copenhagen Post.



Denmark to sue EU Commission.


The EU Commission’s delay in introducing common legislation concerning the use of chemicals that damage endocrine glands – such as the pancreas, ovaries, testes and pituitary gland, possibly causing cancer, low sperm counts and early puberty in girls – has led to a decision by the Danish government to take legal action.


The commission gave itself a deadline to establish the legislation concerning the chemicals, which are often referred to as endocrine disruptors, but this passed in December 2013.


While the EU Commission has established temporary criteria to determine whether substances used in sprays or everyday pollutants (biocides) are endocrine disruptors, several EU states are concerned that more explicit criteria has not been set in place. In July 2014, Sweden also launched legal action.



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