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ECHA Chemical Safety

ECHAECHA states that chemicals have been used more safely in Europe thanks to REACH and CLP.


Europe has had major safety improvements when it comes to chemicals. Thanks to REACH, CLP and free access to information about chemicals on the ECHA website, Europeans are now being more informed about the chemicals they are bringing into their homes and its health risks. The second report on the operation of REACH and CLP released by ECHA, highlights how allowing EU citizens to have easy access to this information will help improve chemical management, product safety, and hopefully the phasing out of dangerous chemicals.


Among many other recommendations in the report, ECHA also states that to continue improving chemical safety within Europe, some changes are to be made. They recommend companies to change and/or improve their services by updating and improving the quality of their registration data and Safety Data Sheets. Something that they note has not been done consistently enough.


The report aims to help continue the chemical safety in Europe and allows for consumers to have access to reliable information when purchasing a chemical product.


For more information about the second report please visit ECHA. Please contact Nexreg for information about REACH Compliance.

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