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Ethylene glycol on Proposition 65: Industry opposes California’s proposed Prop 65 ethylene glycol listing

This news update on ethylene glycol on Proposition 65 is brought to you by Chemical Watch.



California regulators are relying on outdated research to support their intent to list ethylene glycol on Proposition 65 as a reproductive toxicant, according to the American Chemistry Council (ACC).


The ACC is joined by seven other industry commentators in opposing the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s (OEHHA) proposal that cites a 2004 study by the National Toxicology Program Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (NTP-CERHR).


Ethylene glycol is an ingredient in antifreeze and engine coolant, inks, and products including polyester clothing and carpeting.



For more information on ethylene glycol on Proposition 65 please visit the Chemical Watch link above.  Please contact Nexreg for Prop 65 Compliance.

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