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EU Study Highlights Toll Of Poorly Regulated Toxic Chemicals

This news update regarding the Toll Of Poorly Regulated Toxic Chemicals is brought to you by Environmental Working Group.



EU Study Highlights Toll Of Poorly Regulated Toxic Chemicals.


A groundbreaking study released today (March 5) concludes that endocrine-disrupting chemicals add at least $173 billion a year to the European Union’s health costs for diseases and disabilities associated with these chemicals.


The study, spearheaded by Dr. Leonardo Trasande, associate professor at New York University School of Medicine, is the first to estimate the astounding health costs traced to these troubling chemicals, which interfere with the functioning of the body’s hormone system. They have been linked to cancer, diabetes and infertility.


Although the study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, focuses on the costs to Europe, this is not just a European problem. Americans are routinely exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in everyday consumer products. Potent hormone disruptors such as bisphenol A, or BPA, are in the lining of most canned goods and on many cash register receipts. Phthalates are in PVC plastic, food packaging and personal care products. And brominated flame retardants are ubiquitous in most upholstered furniture. All of them are everywhere in American households.



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