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Feb. 15 – FDA launches safety review of tattoo chemicals

A story that has appeared in a few newspapers:

The Food and Drug Administration regulates everything from lipstick and nail polish to lotions and sunscreens, but it long has ignored a possible hazard that can really get under your skin — the inks and pigments used in tattoos.

Prompted by reports of skin problems, including rashes, swelling and blistering, the FDA has started taking a hard look at materials tattoo artists have injected into the skin of some 45 million Americans.

For the first time, FDA scientists have launched studies to identify the chemical composition of tattoo and permanent makeup inks, how they break down in the body, the long-term safety effects and the products that may pose the greatest risk.

If the government ultimately decides to impose restrictions, the move could shake up an industry that attracts little regulatory oversight and bring what some say is needed protection to consumers.

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