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Feb. 16 Cda: Mandatory Reporting and the CCPSA

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From: Health Canada

Mandatory Reporting of adverse events, dangerous defects and/or known recalls involving consumer products is an important new component of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). This past year, in order to ensure that industry and consumers had a say in these new provisions, Health Canada solicited comments from interested Canadians.

Many opinions were expressed, but all respondents support the need to modernize Canada’s consumer product safety regime and legislation. All agree that expeditious reporting to Health Canada of health and safety risks involving consumer products should be mandatory for all parties in the distribution chain, but should also avoid significant and unnecessary administrative burdens where possible.

Many respondents voice concern that a reporting structure based on “Awareness of an Incident” could increase the rate of unnecessary reporting vs. “Evaluative Reporting”. The later approach, already used elsewhere, would maintain many of the well-developed processes and procedures that are currently in place for identifying legitimate health and safety concerns involving consumer products.

Click on the above link to read more on common concerns, individual feedback and differing views of the Mandatory Reporting.

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