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Forum starts a pilot project on authorised substances

This news update regarding a pilot project on authorised substances is brought to you by ECHA.



At its twentieth plenary meeting on 24-26 March 2015, the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement decided on a second pilot project on the use of substances subject to authorisation. It will focus on substances with a sunset date before 2016.


In addition to enforcing that substances subject to authorisation are not on the market without an authorisation, the inspectors will also check whether the authorisation holders comply with the conditions of the granted authorisation.


The inspections will target manufacturers, importers, other suppliers and downstream users of substances subject to authorisation. This includes authorisation holders and their downstream users. The results are expected at the end of 2016.


The Forum also decided to choose specific restriction entries for the fourth coordinated enforcement project. The entries will be chosen so that they are relevant for consumer articles, professional use and protection of the environment. Each Member State will be free to choose restrictions which are most relevant to their national priorities and market situation from a list of entries. That list will be published in the second quarter of 2015.


Inspections will then take place during 2016 and the final report will become available in 2017.



For more information regarding the pilot project on authorised substances please visit the ECHA link above. Please contact Nexreg for MSDS services.

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