Technical Translator

Technical translators are professionally designated individuals that use their advanced language and writing skills, high cognitive ability, and expertise in specialized subjects to translate documents in subject areas with specific jargon and terminologies. Technical translators also translate documents into other languages such that the technical subject is communicated in a manner that accounts for the linguistic rules of that language and subject. Beyond direct translations of text, technical translators provide a cohesive and comprehendible rework of technical texts that accounts for the cultural particularities of the country for which the technical translations are needed.

Technical translators working in the regulatory chemical compliance industry provide clients with technical services that include authoring, translating, and the consistent updating of a chemical product’s regulatory documents.

Internationally distributed chemical products must adhere to the legislations mandated by their specific local jurisdictions. i.e., documents that are compliant with OSHA’S HazCom would not be compliant with Mexico’s NOM-018-STPS-2015, especially if the chemical regulatory documents are generated via direct language translations. Businesses can avoid costly regulatory fines by professionally translating their documents. Regulatory technical translators ensure that chemical products have correct and accurate content, format, and language in the safety documentation for the specified country.