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Health Canada Notice of Flame Jetting Risks with Portable Fireplaces and Fire Pots

Health Canada is informing consumers of serious fire and burn risks associated with flame jetting that may result from the use of certain containers of pourable alcohol-based fuels and certain fire pots that use those fuels. These products may be advertised for indoor and outdoor use. Some examples can include portable fireplaces, firelight’s or tabletop fire pits.

What is flame jetting?

When liquid or gel fuels are poured into a portable fireplace or fire pot that is still burning or hot, it can result in ignition or violently burst flames from the container.  This is flame jetting.

Some Safety Tips

Flame jetting can occur very quickly, and the user and/or bystanders may not react fast enough to move away from the flame jet. Therefore, it is important to follow safety procedures when handling these products:

For more information, refer to Health Canada.

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