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Jan. 11 – US: Informal Public Hearings on Proposed Revisal to the Hazard Communication Standard

From the Federal Register:

OSHA is scheduling informal public hearings on its proposal to revise the Hazard Communication Standard. OSHA anticipates receiving several hearing requests, and this document describes the procedures the public must use to participate in the hearings.

Informal public hearing. The hearing will begin at 9:30 a.m., local time, on the following dates:
• March 2, 2010, in Washington, DC;
• March 31, 2010, in Pittsburgh, PA; and
• April 13, 2010, in Los Angeles, CA.

Interested persons who intend to present testimony or question witnesses at any of these locations must submit (transmit, send, postmark, deliver) a notice of their intention to do so by January 18, 2010.

The Federal Register document is available for download here:

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