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Jan. 9 US: OSHA Issues Guidance on Combustible Dust Hazards Under New HazCom Rule

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When chemical manufacturers and importers lack direct experience with the combustible dust hazards of products they’re shipping, they should use laboratory testing, published test results or particle size to classify them under the new hazard communication standard, according to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration memo released Dec. 31.


Manufacturers and importers are responsible for considering the combustible dust hazards of the chemical in the form they’re shipped as well as those that might stem from normal use and foreseeable emergencies, OSHA said in its memo.


OSHA’s standard interpretation memo is designed to guide agency inspectors in deciding whether products are classified properly for combustible dust hazards. The guidance is for inspections of manufacturers and importers, typically from referrals regarding faulty labels or safety data sheets, rather than for inspection of downstream users. Companies must comply with most provisions of the rule by June 2015.



For the full article and links to the memo please refer to the Bloomberg BNA link above.

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