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Jul 19 – Court Rejects Citizen’s Bid for Auto Paint Warnings (Prop 65)

Bondo Corp. has been successful in preventing a Prop 65 warning being placed on some of their products:

A state appeals court in San Francisco today rejected a Bay area man’s legal bid to force a manufacturer to label automobile touch-up paint with a warning of alleged chemical hazards.

The court upheld an Alameda County Superior Court judge’s finding that the danger posed by the paint was so low that the manufacturer was exempted from a state law requiring warnings.

The lawsuit was filed against Bondo Corp. of Atlanta by Michael DiPirro under Proposition 65, a ballot initiative passed by state voters in 1986.

Bondo makes an automobile touch-up paint containing the industrial solvent toluene, which has been listed by the state as a chemical known to cause birth defects.

Source: Bay City News Wire.

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