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July. 17 EU: ECHA and stakeholders set out actions to improve chemical safety reports and safety data sheets

This press release is brought to you by the ECHA.


ECHA publishes today a roadmap towards enhancing the quality of information communicated in the exposure scenarios included in the REACH chemical safety reports and in the extended safety data sheets. These documents hold essential information on the safe use of chemical substances and mixtures for downstream users, authorities and REACH registrants alike. The roadmap is a collaborative effort of ECHA and its stakeholders and the Agency now calls for more stakeholders to join in.


The roadmap actions serve to improve the generation and communication of exposure scenarios for the different uses of chemical substances and mixtures by 2018, the next and last REACH registration deadline. They aim to improve the clarity and accuracy of the information provided, and help industry to update existing information already submitted to ECHA or supplied to downstream users.


The actions cover:







Together with the roadmap, a Charter will be published which is open to stakeholders such as  sector organisations and authorities. By signing the Charter, stakeholder organisations can make their commitment to the roadmap actions visible to the public. Various industry associations and Member States have already signed up.


For more information and the full press release please refer to the ECHA link above.



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